Case Study

“Camera Cost Cutting”

Advanced Video Communications, Inc provides Web communication services in Japan and the United States. Its services include LiveLine, which is a surveillance system that allows users to monitor their home or business from anywhere.

Fundamental Problem:

LineLine was experiencing significant pricing pressure from their competitors. Their original AVC3110 and AVC3410 Model cameras purchased in Taiwan were too expensive and LiveLine was priced out of the Home Security IP Camera market.


Symbiotic Situations LLC was hired to help LiveLine find low cost IP Camera solutions based in China.  We delivered:

  • In-Depth research utilizing online and offline resources
  • Face-to-face sourcing meetings with several potential suppliers
  • Low cost sample products from a variety of manufacturers
  • Pre-planned pricing negotiations with potential suppliers
  • Hardware and Software product development consultation
  • Personalized trips into China for face-to-face meetings with short listed suppliers
  • Follow up support including long-term procurement strategy consultation


LiveLine was able to procure their AVC3003 Model at a fraction of the cost incurred for the AVC3110 and AVC3410 models.


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