MinkeeBlue Case Study

About MinkeeBlue, LLC

Established in 2012, MinkeeBlue, LLC was founded on the principle that every woman deserves a handbag as versatile and fashion-forward as she. MinkeeBlue’s patent pending utility design features a 2-in-1 handbag and adjustable compartment system, eliminating the need to carry two, three, or four bags at a time.


The Beginning of the Story:

Sherrill Mosee, founder and inventor of MinkeeBlue wanted to solve a problem she calls, the ‘overload bag syndrome’. “Its’ common to see women, including myself, carrying two or three bags at a time—a purse, laptop bag and lunch bag,” says Mosee. “Add motherhood and it’s possible to see a fourth bag—the diaper bag”.

Mosee set out to create a fashionable handbag for busy professional women whose role changes throughout the day—caregiver, employee, traveler and fitness enthusiast.

And then…

The Solution:


Symbiotic Situations LLC was hired for our Business Consulting and Sourcing & Procurement services.  We were able to guide Mrs. Mosse through the process of contacting and maintaining effective Cross Cultural Communications with her prospective manufacturing partner. MinkeeBlue Handbags are currently being manufactured overseas by a factory introduced by Symbiotic Situations LLC. Sherrill has been working directly with the owner, who is  located in Hong Kong. Sherrill was able to coordinate a successful KickStarter campaign  in which she raised over 19k. The initial order is scheduled to be delivered in Early March 2014. Stay tuned for more updates!

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